Land Rental in Second Life

Jolbey Rental

Agency Started in 2010 providing second life land rental and advertising, now have holdings for more than 1.7 Million sqm of cheap lands in Second Life, and over 900 residents. We are leaders in groups advertising, with over 13 years of experience we now cover up to 760 second life groups.

Our SL Office


Cheap Lands

The fast growth has been achieved due to the low prices and good and prompt support, very important for a customer, there are 3 agents plus the owner Andrea Jolbey to help you fixing any kind of issues on your land. We have sizes from 2048 sqm up to 1/4 Sims, providing different types like terraforming lands, waterlands or skylands.


We also provide automatic groups advertising or networked adboards to promote your SL business. Thousands of customers tried our advertising services with great results over the past 13 years. Any of the 2 services are very easy and fast to setup.

Second Life

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Our Agency

Founded at the end of december 2010 by Andrea Jolbey, Jolbey Rental is expanding month by month his land rental business very fast, the low prices of the lands and great support has been appreciated by thousands of residents. Now counts more than 900 residents and over 1.7 Million sqm of lands.

Andrea Jolbey own also an advertising agency, Jolbey Advertising, that helps a lot of customers to promote their business. There are 2 different types of systems, one works by sending automatic messages in second life groups using bots, and the other one displaying your ad in an adboards network.


Residential and Commercial Land Rental

2048 sqm with 703 prims at 650 L$ a week (618 L$ a week if you pay monthly)

4096 sqm with 1406 prims at 1299 L$ a week (1234 L$ a week if you pay monthly)

8192 sqm with 2812 prims at 2598 L$ a week (2468 L$ a week if you pay monthly)

1/4 sim with 5625 prims at 4899 L$ a week (4654 L$ a week if you pay monthly)

How To Rent

Contact Andrea Jolbey or an agent for help or copy this slurl in chat, teleport there, and take a look of what we have available:

Paste this link in chat
Or click Here


Why choose Jolbey Advertising

What kind of advertising we provide

We provide 2 different types of advertising:

How to use our service

To get more info on our advertising services, teleport to the slurl below and click the black board in the middle of the land. You will get a notecard with info on details.

Paste this link in chat
Or click Here


How to set up a radio, tv, or a security orb?

Deed your radio, tv or security orb to the group of the land (like Andrea Jolbey Rental 4), to do it, right click the object, make sure is setted on the group of the land, then click share and push the deed button. (Some tvs or radios have a receiver to deed instead)

How can I put my land in search?

To put your land in search, contact Andrea Jolbey, as the 30 L$ weekly fee for the search will be debited on his account, he will check that option and charge your rentbox with 30 L$ more a week. You also have to pay in advance for the time you have, Linden Lab takes this fee in advance, so if you have for example 2 weeks and 1 day on the rentbox, you have to pay 3 weeks (90 L$) in advance directly to Andrea Jolbey

I have rented a skyland, why when I try to rez objects on the water prim I can't, why?

The size of a skyland is the first beach or grass platform, the water prim goes over the land and is there just for a better view, making the land to look like an island.

I have rented a land, and I would like to give the rights to other people as well, how can I do it?

Click your rentbox, chose GrpInv and then InvOR, now choose the rights to give to the new resident and tell him to click the rentbox within 60 seconds, he will receive a group invite after a few seconds

The rentbox shows my name, but there are several people that help me to pay the tier, how can I do?

Everyone could pay your rentbox, so when one of the other people want to pay the tier they could do it also if you are offline

The texture of my waterland/skyland is beach but I would like to make it grass (or grass to beach), how can I do it?

Our platforms allow you to change the texture using a menu, to access it just active the land group and click the platform. Skylands also have the option to edit the water prim, changing texture, transparency and speed of the water

I need more prims on my land, is possible to buy more?

No, the only way to get more prims is upgrade to a bigger parcel

I need to upgrade to a bigger parcel, will I lose my rent payed on this land?

No, the value of your old rent will be moved to your new rentbox, for example, if you have 4 weeks on a 4096 sqm and you are moving to a 8192 sqm, 2 weeks will be moved. The value includes only whole days and to start moving you have to pay at least 1 week on the new land to record the rentbox at your name

I am leaving the land, is possible to have a refund?

No, tier is transferable but not refundable

I am leaving the land, but I would like to give it to a friend that will use it, is possible?

Yes, contact Andrea Jolbey, and the name on the rentbox will be changed

I have payed for a month but I didn't get the 5-10% discount, why?

The discount is already included in the 4 weeks amount

My rent has expired and I have been evicted, where are my objects?

All of your objects have been returned in your "Lost and Found" folder, they are all linked to 1 object, you just need to go to a big sandbox, rezz that object and collect your objects separately